About Us

Originally a concept started in 1991 by Carlson Restaurants, the parent company of TGI Friday’s. Carlson Restaurants grew this concept, opening multiple Italianni’s across the United States, as well as internationally.

In 1996 the first Italianni’s opened in Mexico (San Ángel, México City) and also this year opened the first Italianni’s in Philippines, (Makati City).

In 2002 Carlson sold Italianni’s Brand to Remigio S. de R.L, corporation that has been expanding the brand succesfully.


Our Vision

To always be the favorite gathering place, with the warmth of a traditional Italian home, where friends and family reunite to share their stories and strengthen their bonds to enrich their lives

Corp_AboutUs_OurMissionOur Mission

To become the leader in Italian Casual Dining Worldwide.